Launches in the DroneDeploy App Market

Today announces that its app will be available on the DroneDeploy App Market, the first drone industry app store.  The app identifies, measures, tracks, and reports the status of objects in aerial imagery taken by drones.   Because the app learns to track whatever the user directs it to, it can be used for a broad range of purposes and industries – from reporting the condition of wind turbines, to measuring plant growth. CEO Camiel Verschoor said: “Launching our app in the DroneDeploy App Market will make our revolutionary object detection technology available to the worldwide community. This is a first great step in our efforts to distribute our services to everyone around the globe.” DroneDeploy is the leading cloud-based drone software platform.  Through the App Market,’s services will now be available to DroneDeploy’s 10,000+ users across 135 countries, online and on mobile devices.  The app is $14 […]

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