From DroneBlog: Meet the Young CTO Taking AI By Storm

Anouk Visser isn’t a typical grad student at the University of Amsterdam. At age 24, Anouk is already managing her second successful startup as the Chief Technology Officer for She’s also a fellow of the prestigious Kairos Society, on the board of DutchUAS, and nominated for the VIVA 400 Award for entrepreneurial and inspiring women. Anouk’s success in machine learning almost wasn’t. She was originally interested in Computer Science, but said “luckily I visited an information session about the AI Bachelor and thought the subfield of Natural Language Processing would be the best choice for me. That was wrong again, but it put me on the right track!” At, Anouk and her team have built technology that identifies specific objects from aerial imagery, and automatically measures, tracks, and reports their progress. Agriculture and inspection industries have been identified as the first likely customers, but won’t stop there. […]

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